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Posted by: Ray Richards, SC State Captain, February 2020

Now that you have joined Patriot Guard Riders Inc. on the National PGR page, Welcome to South Carolina Patriot Guard Riders.  There are a few more steps we recommend you take to stay informed on our State Activities and Missions.

Now that you are registered with PGR National, please take just a moment to send me your information: last name, first name, username, e-mail, street address, city, state, zip, and phone. Your information will be shared with Leadership in the area in which you live.  There are no borders and you can attend any mission anywhere in the country, this will allow local leadership to add you to any email lists they may offer to share area information.

You will automatically receive mission notifications for South Carolina.  If you click on “State Page”, at the top right of your home page, you will see a summary of the upcoming missions.  There is also a link to view the calendar of missions.  If you would like to receive Mission notices for other states, go to the “Members” tab and select “Subscribe to PGR Missions”. Simply select the states you would like to add.

Here in South Carolina we have a state Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SC.Patriot.Guard

This is a closed group and you will need to request membership, so please go to the page and make the request.  Our State page will have pertinent information from around the state.

Other areas of the state have Facebook pages as well.  One of the leaders in that area will provide you with that page.

Many new members ask about our “ride schedule” or meetings. If you have read the Mission Statement on the national site, you will notice that we are a service organization providing honor guards and escorts at the funerals of the fallen and providing other support for all active military and veterans as we have resources, therefore we don’t do rides or meetings separate from our Missions and Events. We do have a number of events that you will find on the web site from “Meet and Greet” gatherings to participation in other events like Veteran’s recognition events but we are not a “motorcycle club” so being in a van, car or truck is great. We also have a definite need for support vehicles that could carry flags and water. (SC PGR will supply the flags).

Ray “Fireball” Richards
State Captain

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