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One Requirement

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We only have one requirement in our organization – Respect. It doesn’t say respect for a veteran or respect for an active duty military hero or respect for the family. It is respect for everyone. Ride Captains are schooled in the hierarchy of command for whose directions and requests we follow but the simplest concept is that as members we respect everyone. I have heard people complain about Law Enforcement telling people where to park, complaints about Funeral Directors that put us in a certain place in an escort and, the most disturbing, members bad mouthing other members. All unacceptable. If I witness, or receive multiple confirmed complaints of, any failure to meet the requirement of Respect, you will be told to leave the line and the organization.

If you have a problem, address it with that individual. If you do not get a satisfactory solution, and it is about the policy or operation of a mission, take it to the Ride Captain (off the line). If you still are not satisfied, contact me. After that, there is the Regional Captain, then National. No Officer will address an issue unless you have taken the above steps.

One Requirement



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