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Dressing for Missions

Dressing for Missions

A common question asked is about vests, back patches and what to wear to a mission.

In attending a mission remember two things; First, you are attending the funeral to show respect for someone who was willing to give their life to support America and her values.  Second, you are an invited guest of the family.

Dress as you feel appropriate. Unlike some other organizations, we have no standard dress code to follow. It’s also important to dress for all possible weather to keep yourself comfortable and protected against the elements.

While the family understands that many PGR members are bikers, and they accept that, we do not allow obscene patches or slogans. It is common that people express their political and personal views on their clothing, but this is not the time or place. You may be asked by the Ride Captain to cover obscene or derogatory patches or stow the clothing item.

You can have a patch on the back of a vest or jacket, but you CANNOT put rockers above and below as that signifies a motorcycle club and there are specific social rules about that. South Carolina does not have a large state patch but national offers a large PGR emblem as well as others. You could have other memorial and slogan patches above and below but nothing like ‘Patriot Guard Riders” above and “South Carolina” below.

Vests nor patches are required.

We also have small state patches. If you need some you can obtain them from Leadership.

Remember that our Mission is to Show Respect in everything we do, and you’ll be fine.

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