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Dear Patriot Guard,

I want to thank all of you for your service to America and to our Veterans.
My 95 year old proud American father was buried on January 21, 2020 at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius, NC. It was a cold and sunny day. ( a great day for a bird hunt!)

The evening before you set large American flags around the parking lot. A stunning sight for everyone who passed the church.

Early, before most folks arrived for the service, your men and women were in position at the church entrance. It was a glorious morning for a goodbye to a brave Air Force Vet who flew 32 missions over Germany in a B-24 and flew fuel to Patton in Africa.

After the service, the Patriot Guard followed the bagpiper … and led us all to the visitation at the back of the church. Anyone who was there will never forget.

Our family thanks you for your support.

Coco McConnell Killian

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