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Capitol Region

Capitol Regional Captain
Ron White
Ron White
Tater Salad
Member since 05-26-2006

Delaware State Captain
Dan Kapitanic
DE State Page

Maryland State Captain
Bruce Gentile
MD State Page

North Carolina State Captain
Richard Jewell
NC State Page

South Carolina State Captain
Bob Lewin
SC State Page

Virginia State Captain
Becca Landick
VA State Page

West Virginia State Captain
Joe Cumblidge
WV State Page

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Dixie Region

Dixie Regional Captain
Kenny Case
Kenny Case
Member since 01-29-2010

Alabama State Captain
AL State Page

Florida State Captain
David Shelton
FL State Page

Georgia State Captain
Don Wilson
GA State Page

Louisiana State Captain
Doug Nobles
LA State Page

Mississippi State Captain
Roger Barrett
MS State Page

Tennessee State Captain
David Westhorp
TN State Page

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Four Corners Region

Four Corners Regional Captain

David Hall

Member since 11-21-2005

Arizona State Captain
Tom Burns
AZ State Page

Colorado State Captain
Kathleen Goldstein
CO State Page

New Mexico State Captain
Jim Ernst
NM State Page

Utah State Captain
Dave Richardson
UT State Page

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High Plains Region

High Plains Regional Captain
Doug Bley
Doug Bley
Member since 05-29-2006

Iowa State Captain
Steve Cox
IA State Page

Minnesota State Captain
Craig Ugland
MN State Page

Montana State Captain
Lewis Wendt
MT State Page

Nebraska State Captain
Scott Knudsen
NE State Page

North Dakota State Captain
alan sabinash
ND State Page

South Dakota State Captain
James Lentsch
SD State Page

Wyoming State Captain
Michael Byers
WY State Page

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Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic Regional Captain
Jack Shinn
Jack Shinn
Member since 05-12-2006

New Jersey State Captain
Donald Klein
NJ State Page

New York State Captain
Bill Schaaf
NY State Page

Pennsylvania State Captain
Timothy Smith
PA State Page

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Mid-West Region

Mid-West Regional Captain
Gregory Newman
Gregory Newman
Member since 02-19-2006

Illinois State Captain
Daniel Heene
IL State Page

Indiana State Captain
John Petro
IN State Page

Kentucky State Captain
Tom Folsom
KY State Page

Michigan State Captain
Alan Niemeyer
MI State Page

Ohio State Captain
Robert Woods
OH State Page

Wisconsin State Captain
John Curran
WI State Page

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New England Region

New England Regional Captain
Bob Stone
Robert Stone

Member since 02-24-2006

Connecticut State Captain
Gregg Barratt
CT State Page

Maine State Captain
Mike Edgecomb
ME State Page

Massachusetts State Captain
Howard Shrut
MA State Page

New Hampshire State Captain
Nicholas Marks
NH State Page

Rhode Island State Captain
Deanna Poole
RI State Page

Vermont State Captain
George Brewer
VT State Page

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Northwest Region

Pacific Regional Captain
Cullen Ritchie
Cullen Ritchie
Member since 12-10-2005

Alaska State Captain
Eric Walters
AK State Page

Idaho State Captain
Dario Bell
ID State Page

Oregon State Captain
John Hanan II
OR State Page

Washington State Captain
Sabrina Brown
WA State Page

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Pacific Region

Pacific Regional Captain
Joe Mastroianni
Joe Mastroianni
Joe Mastroianni
Member since 06-15-2012

California State Captain
Rich Biddlecome
CA State Page

Hawaii State Captain
william gass
HI State Page

Nevada State Captain
William Drummond
NV State Page

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South Central Region

South Central Regional Captain
Roger Bailey
Roger Bailey
Member since 03-05-2006

Arkansas State Captain
Jerry Ashby
AR State Page

Kansas State Captain
Bruce Holmes
KS State Page

Missouri State Captain
Mark Williams
MO State Page

Oklahoma State Captain
Randy Gilreath
OK State Page

Texas State Captain
Steve Conger
TX State Page

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