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The PGR Gear store is available to all PGR members. While there are no requirements to purchase anything, PGR items are available for those members that wish to purchase them.

Please note – The PGR logos and mottoes are registered trademarks and copyrighted materials, and may not be reproduced without written permission from the PGR Board of Directors.

If you see our products offered for sale in other venues (non-PGR websites, Facebook promotions, etc), they are likely illegal reproductions. The sale of those items are not only illegal, they go to other individuals taking support away from the PGR. If you see these types of items, you can contact us at

PGR branded items in the gear store are restricted to registered members of the Patriot Guard Riders.
If you’re not a member, joining is simple and open to everyone. You don’t have to have be veteran, or even own a motorcycle. All that’s required is respect for our military veterans and first responders, and a desire to show that respect to them and their families. If you interested in joining, click the button below.

PGR Registration

If you are a member and are seeing this message, you are not currently logged in to the PGR website. You can login by clicking this Login link, or the Login/Join menu option above.

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