About the “Avatar”

For user profile pictures, by default WordPress (the web system we are using) uses “Gravatar” (Globally Recognized Avatar) images. We decided to disable those on this system, primarily because many members prefer to have a custom image specifically related to their PGR activities.
The process to create (or edit) your PGR avatar is pretty simple.
Click on the edit icon (#1 circled in red in the image shown). In the box that pops up, you can either drag an image to the white area of the box, or click on the white area to select a file using your computer’s system. Once the image is in place, you can then click on the image area and use your mouse to crop the portion you want to use.
Once you’ve made your selection, click the checkmark on the box (#2 red circle) then click the Update Avatar button, and you’re set.
We recommend using a square image, 250×250 pixels.

Upload Your PGR