PGR National Board of Directors

National President

David NobleDavid Noble
Member since 11-02-2006

Vice President of Captains

JayDub Jeffrey Goodiel
Member since 04-27-2006

Vice President of HOTH

Annette Robeck Annette Robeck
Member since 05-09-2006

Vice President of Members

Cheryl HainesCheryl Haines
Tankers Wife
Member since 05-23-2008

Vice President of Operations

Bob Williams Bob Williams
Member since 05/16/2019

National Secretary

Brenda Rowell Brenda Rowell
St Bren
Member since 05-23-2015

National Treasurer

Bob Dorey Bob Dorey

Member since 04-21-2010

PGR National Directors and Staff

Deputy Vice President of Captains

Richard Haller Richard Haller

Member since 02-09-2015

Deputy Vice President of HOTH

John Fenech John Fenech
Member since 09-11-2009

Deputy Vice President of Members

jwan555 Jim Warren
Member since 06-21-2006

Deputy Vice President of Operations

Mathew Heath Van HornMathew Heath Van Horn
Double Tap
Member since 08/08/2018

National Deputy Secretary

Cheryl Wallace Cheryl Wallace
Member since 04-05-2014

National Deputy Treasurer

Member since 08/27/2018

National Director of Operations

NightriderHerb Parsons
Member since 01-28-2007

National Moderator Team Manager

MissSassyJamie Broadhurst
Member since 05-06-2011

National Social Media Manager

SickFrk99Dave McCoy

Member since 10-01-2013

National Store Manager

Lisa MenardLisa Menard Fancy Pants Member since 02-23-2006

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