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This form is for requesting all mission notifications - Honor, ANC, Memorial, Send-off/Welcome Home, HOTH and Dedication missions.

An Honor mission could any one or more of the following events:

  • Funeral or service
  • Dignified transfer
  • Escort
  • Visitation
  • Interment or inurnment.
  • Questions with an asterisk (*) require a response.

    Mod Instructions

    Put only the information indicated in a given field. If you have "notes" for moderators, put those in the "Mod Instructions" field.
    Note: If you wish to hold the notification sent to members, leave a "send date" in the mod instructions.

For any special instructions to the mods If none, leave blank.

If more than one stage, please elect the total number of stages, and allow a couple of seconds for the change (there are a lot of fields being added in the background).

Please select the primary missions state, even if there is only one state involved. This field controls much of the notification of leadership

Use Honor or Memorial for the Missing in Action Project or American Heroes missions conducted for more than one hero, or services honoring those previously interred with no military honors.
Will this mission have multiple parts conducted in different cities? NOTE: Missions with Multiple Cities will reflect MULTI-CITY in Subject line.
Will this mission have multiple parts conducted in different states? NOTE: Missions with Multiple States will reflect MULTI-STATE in Subject line.

About the Mission

Please provide full name of hero. Do not include rank, military or civilian information or age. Refer to "How to complete the Hero or Event Field" chart provided by the forum manager for specific instructions.

Primary Branches - Select All That Apply. (If Known and Verified)
Make a selection ONLY for Honor/Memorial/ANC missions. Do not make a selection if the hero is a female who served in WWII.
Make a selection here ONLY for Honor/Memorial/ANC missions involving FEMALE military personel who served in a THEATER OF COMBAT during WWII.
Select all that apply.
Select all that apply. Select Retired or Veteran, do not select both.
Select All That Apply. (If Known and Verified) Note: War on Terror encompasses all Operations, Conflicts and Wars since 9/11/01.
Please provide details about the hero or the mission here.