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How do I leave condolence messages

We use the “comment” feature built in to WordPress for condolence messages. At the bottom of each mission listing, there is an option to leave a reply. If you are logged in, the prompt will show your log in name:

If you are not logged in, you will be asked to include your name and email.

We strongly recommend all PGR members log in before leaving condolence messages. This makes it unnecessary to identify you, and will include information from your profile such as your photo (if used). It will also get your comment posted faster.



  1. When I leave a condolence I would like for a signature of:
    S. Roger “Goose” Dollinger, SRC……………………
    How or where do I go to get this?

    1. We don’t currently have a signature option. Many folks save a text version of the message, and copy/paste it into the comments.

  2. After posting a condolence message I noticed that auto correct changed the name I typed in for the deceased. How can I edit that?

    1. You would have to send an email to the webmaster (webmaster@patriotguard.org) with the details of the comment (particular the mission name), and what you would like corrected.

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