These are some of the more common questions about the PGR Store.

The system should automatically log in members when they select the store menu option; however, like all things techinical, sometimes there are glitches. If this is happening to you, send an email to the accounts team at and let them know, They will reset the setting for you. Be sure to let them know you tried accessing the store from the main PGR site, but got prompted for a password.

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Sales of PGR logo gear are restricted to PGR members. There are a few non-logo items available to the general public accessing the store directly, but PGR members should access the store by first logging into the main PGR website, then selecting the PGR Store menu option.

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PGR members should always access the PGR store from the main website. As a member, you should log in to the main website using your password and either your PGR username or email address. When selecting the PGR Store menu option, you will not be prompted for a password or username. If you are, then please send an email to the accounts team at , and they will reset your store access.

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