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These are some of the more common general questions about the site.

The platform we used for the website since 2013 (vBulletin 4.xx) is being discontinued. We were in a bind because many of the plugins we were using (most notably the forms plugin that handles our missions) are no longer being supported. This means that would could not update the backend scripting files or the backend database.

Failure to do some of these updates would leave the website open to security problems, but doing them would break required functionality of the system. In short, it was an unsupportable situation, and we had to make a change.

We made the decision to use the most widely used and support platform instead – WordPress. While it entails some major changes, we are confident that this is the best move for the organization.


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We use the “comment” feature built in to WordPress for condolence messages. At the bottom of each mission listing, there is an option to leave a reply. If you are logged in, the prompt will show your log in name:

If you are not logged in, you will be asked to include your name and email.

We strongly recommend all PGR members log in before leaving condolence messages. This makes it unnecessary to identify you, and will include information from your profile such as your photo (if used). It will also get your comment posted faster.


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  • After posting a condolence message I noticed that auto correct changed the name I typed in for the deceased. How can I edit that?

    • You would have to send an email to the webmaster (webmaster@patriotguard.org) with the details of the comment (particular the mission name), and what you would like corrected.

  • When I leave a condolence I would like for a signature of:
    S. Roger “Goose” Dollinger, SRC……………………
    How or where do I go to get this?

    • We don’t currently have a signature option. Many folks save a text version of the message, and copy/paste it into the comments.

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    User names can only be changed by the system admins. To have your username changed, send an email to accounts@patriotguard.org

    When you send your request, it’s a good idea to send 2 or 3 different choices. Usernames must be unique, and if your choice is already taken, we can’t change it.

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  • I would like to change my public display name to RJ ‘USELESS’ SHOEMAKER

    Thanks for your help.
    Have a Healthy and Happy New Year.

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    The Members option only shows to logged in members.

    If you are a member, use the Login/Join menu option to log in, or go to https://www.patriotguard.org/login/

    If you are not a member, you can sign up by using the Login/Join menu option, then selecting the Ready to Join? Click here option. You can also go to https://www.patriotguard.org/member-registration/

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    This content is restricted to PGR members. If you are an existing member, please log in. New members may register below.

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  • What are the guidelines for a HOTH mission? The reason for my question is a PGR members 97 year old mother is dying and they want to know if the PGR can do a flag line. She is the mother of a Vietnam vet and grandmother to active duty Marine and soldier. Can we do a flag line under HOTH?

  • Patch placement guidelines?

    Im wondering if there are any rules of placing the patch on the back if there is already another club patch basically is it acceptable to have 2 club patches on the back of 1 vest

  • This is great information! Is there anything new PGR members should acquire to be mission ready? Such as flags, etc?

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