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Data Migration Project

Late in 2018, the PGR Board of Directors approved a project to convert all of the forum messages from the old vBulletin system into a format compatible with our current WordPress system. This was a major undertaking, involving over 2.5 million messages spread across dozens of forum topics. To add to the complexity, those messages had to be converted to two different formats, the majority as forum messages, and the remaining in a format that would work with our Mission calendar.

The project was funded by generous donations raised in several states. The project was projected to take about 3 months, but the programmers ran into several problems they had not anticipated. That 3 month project turned into a year and a half of hard work. The good news is – that project is now nearly complete.

All of the data has been converted. Those vBulletin forum messages that were mission announcements are now in our Mission calendar and can be viewed and searched. We still have some cleanup to do on tags and categories, but the data is there and usable. When using the forum and viewing some of our older data, please keep in mind that the standard format used today is different than it was in the early days. While the data may look a bit odd, all of the information is there.

With the forum data now in place we need to work on styling the interface, and working with State leadership to determine which states will want to continue their forums. We anticipate the forums will be fully in place and open sometime in the next 2-3 months.

When this second phase is completed we will have all the data on board in one place plus a noticeably faster web site. We will keep you posted as these improvements come on line.

Thank you for your patience. We hope that very soon your National PGR web site will operate faster with more information.

Home / Data Migration Project

Data Migration Project

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