The form is used to quickly override problems with a member’s subscription. It should be used with caution though, as it over-rides what may be legitimate choices by a member. Here are some things to 100% sure on before using it:

  • It should never be used without a member asking for it to be done, as it doesn’t confirm the choices selected, including re-subscribing a member that may have legitimately meant to unsubscribe. The only way to be sure is to communicate with the member what is being done.
  • Ensure you know which notifications the member wishes to receive (including opting out of the store). This form does not “update” the existing settings, it overwrites them. In addition, it doesn’t show the member’s current settings. It’s almost like starting over, without deleting their history.
  • It’s better to login directly to MailChimp and look up the user to set them there, as that shows current choices. However, sometimes MailChimp makes it difficult to modify a subscriber that has been unsubscribed without explanation (which is the purpose of this form).
  • Finally, be very sure to correctly input the member’s email address, as this form will subscribe whatever address you put in without verifying that it’s a good address.

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