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If you’re seeing this screen, it’s likely because you tried to access our store, and your profile is missing some information. The two most common issues are either a missing Primary Phone or your street address in the Address 1 field in your user profile. These two fields are not required for PGR membership, but they are required for the store.

The next screen you see will be our Profile screen where you can verify your information and fill out any missing information we need.

There are some important things to look for on that screen:

° The Address 1 field. This is required by the PGR Store, so we know were to send your stuff. Just put your house or apartment number and the street, no need for city or state in this field

° The Primary Phone field. Scroll a little further down the screen and you’ll see this field. It doesn’t have to be your home phone, but it does require a phone number. The store requires a phone number so we can reach you if there’s a problem with your order

After that’s complete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the Update Profile button. Once your profile is updated and you get the message Your information was updated!, click on the PGR Store menu option again, and you should be set.

If you’re ready to proceed, click this Edit Profile Screen link, and we’ll take you there.

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Request State UserList

Please be sure to select your state. The update, and the confirmation email with the link, will be sent to the state captain for the state chosen.

Your Request Was Sent

A membership list update request was sent for the state chosen. Please allow a day or two for it to be completed, especially if the list was sent on a weekend.

You’ll receive an email from the operations team when a new list has been generated.