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William Randall – My Father

This is Gary Randall. The son of William Randall. We met yesterday at my father’s funeral. I cannot begin to tell you how much you and the Patriot Guard Riders mean to me and my family. Your presence at my Dads funeral was outstanding. The way you honor my Mother as she walked into the funeral home was beyond words. Then escorting us out to the gravesite and standing there in the hot sun with your men, was truly one of the greatest honors I have ever witnessed. When the funeral home told us yesterday morning that they had not heard from the US Air Force Honor Guard, we were crushed. We could not believe that a man who served his county for 27 years and fought in 2 wars was not going to be honored in the way he should have been, my mother and our family were devastated. Then to get a phone call from the funeral home telling us that you and the Patriot Guard Riders were going to do my dad’s honors, our burden was lifted. I can’t tell you how relieved our family was. Mike, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your team. My family and I will be forever grateful for what you did. My Dad was honored and we say THANK YOU and May GOD Bless the Patriot Guard Riders.

Mike, please pass this on to each and every hero that was out there yesterday honoring my Father and our family.

Again, thank you so much

Gary Randall

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