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Welcome Home – Kyle Huxtable

Last night was a night that will NEVER be forgotten. What a joyous and heartwarming occasion it was to see that so many fellow Americans would give up their Saturday night to hold an American flag at an airport terminal, while cheering, simply to honor and welcome back home an American soldier from the combat zone (whom they had never met and did not personally know). What a tremendous American tribute and honor. It was one of the most touching moments I have experienced in my 75 short years living on God’s created earth.
I cannot express in words, my gratitude to Kansas City, Mo. area Ride Captain Jim Williams for tirelessly putting this Welcome Home Mission together, with such short notice and jumping through all the hoops required for a group to gather together these days. As the grandfather of the honored soldier (who is so very thankful to have him safely back home) I am incredibly humbled, proud and appreciative to be associated with such an outstanding, patriotic group of like minded people who will go to any lengths to show respect and honor to our American veterans and first responders. THANK YOU PGR.

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