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It hardly seems that an entire month has passed since we welcomed our fallen hero, Ulis C. Steely home from Pearl Harbor where he was killed in action aboard the Oklahoma in the bombing on that horrific day; December 7, 1941. There are not enough words for myself and my husband, Dean, Ulis’s grandson to express our gratitude to the Patriot Guard Riders.
When Dean and I arrived at Lexington Airport Gate 5 to be led onto the tarmac we could not believe our eyes. The sight of over one hundred bikes and cars lined up waiting for the plane carrying Ulis home was breathtaking. We were both in tears as we rounded the corner and saw the rows of people waiting to welcome Ulis home.
As we got out, we met family members from Corbin for the very first time. There were no strangers in the crowd. Everyone was there for the same reason, and every single soul welcomed us with a handshake or a warm embrace. We were all family.
Riders paid Ulis an unbelievable honor with their escort home from Lexington Airport. Their members posted guard 24/7 watching guard over Ulis overnight while he rested in the Hart Funeral Home awaiting his funeral the following day. The morning of the services, we were led by a full escort with Amazing Grace playing from the rider just behind the hearse as Ulis made his way up the approached to the Church on the Hill. Flags lined the entire length of the long driveway as we made our way along the drive and into the church where his services were held. Again, as we were led to the cemetery, we rounded the corner, and were met with a sea of red, white and blue flags flying in Ulis’s honor. The time and thought that was given into placing each of those flags with care was not over-looked by the grateful family as we pulled up just behind the hearse and watched as the Navy unloaded the titanium hearse out of the rear of the car.
Thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders of Southeast Kentucky, we are forever in your debt. The honor and distinction the men and women displayed as they paid their respects for our grandfather renewed our faith in mankind.
Gary Sweeny out-did himself as the Ride Captain for this mission, and we want to personally thank BT Barnett and his friends who stood watch over Ulis all night long before the funeral, and personally placed all those beautiful flags at the church and the cemetery. We cannot begin to tell each and every one of you who made this such a hero’s welcome home how much the contribution of your time and honor meant to us. We met friends we will cherish the rest of our lives. Thank you to each and every one of you. You all know who you are.

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