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Saturday May 4th we said farewell to my uncle, Staff Sgt Tommy McBride 97, Army Air Corp, WWII. We were greatly blessed to have the PGR stand for Tommy. These kind members were also his pall bearers as I thought it more appropriate to have those who really understand. I do this instead of funeral home staff. The turnout of PGR members that day was amazing. The Guards presence from his arrival at church, escort to cemetery, pall bearers and how on each side they stood in solemn respect. Uncle Tommy would’ve hated the fuss – he always thought someone else was more deserving than he – he would’ve absolutely loved the PGR being with us that day. As a PGR member, I’d never been on the family side. It’s always a privilege to stand for those who gave so much for so many. Thank you all for helping to give Thomas J McBride a very appropriate Send off. Roger & Out “MAC”

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