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Send off of Illinois Army from Chicago

I would like to thank you for the wonderful escort that you had given to the 400 soldiers that left out of Chicago headed to Peoria in which you gave them an escort all the way. My son in law was on that bus. He sent videos to his pregnant wife which is a veteran herself knowing that you all made sure he had a safe journey and a great escort to Peoria eased our minds. It is so hard writing this knowing that he will soon be traveling overseas to a war zone. But knowing there is people like all of you out there who gave him the best day by the wonderful escort is all we need to know this will be ok and he will come home safely. So from the bottom of my heart, my daughters and my grand daughters thank you so much. You all have done great work. Not only with this escort but back in 2006 my son lost a very close friend in Iraq and you all were there.

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