On behalf of the Howard family, I wanted to thank you for your escort provided in June 11, 2020 to honor my father Rodger Howard. As a member of the patriot guard I’ve been on about 30 missions over the last 3 years but it was certainly a different experience witnessing what you guys do from the other side of the fence! My wife was so impressed with your dedication and professionalism. She was brought to tears by your pre ride prayer in the church. My dad was always in awe when I’d tell him about escort missions, even to the point that he joined the PGR himself and I was blessed to attend a mission by his side. As he declined in health he was not about to make missions an longer but he still loved to hear about the missions. We felt so blessed by the turnout that day. If I recall correctly, we had 18 bikes plus FS in 97° heat. You guys are amazing and we are thankful to have been blessed with your escort. Thank you so very much for honoring my father!

Don Howard

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