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I was moved to see the efforts of those who rode with me for the escort to Riverside this past Friday, 10 May. As I may have mentioned, I’ve been honored to ride more than a few missions with the PGR since I joined in 2007, but this one was special as the Hero being escorted was my mentor as a young man.
Ray (T-Bone), Greywolf, and all who showed up (we rode with 7 and a trailing cage) were considerate and thoughtful in word and deed. The family and I feel truly blessed to have had such professionalism shine in what looked to be a very wet and cloudy ride!
Yes, it did sprinkle a bit on the ride from Hemet, but I’d refer you to GreyWolf for the blessing he shared at the staging before we left to escort the family of our Hero…
All in all, it was was a memorable day, made even better with Old Glory leading the way.

Again, many thanks for your part!

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