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Louis Gene Miller

I want to thank the Patriot Guard for what they do and what they stand for. I also am a VN Vet, I used to ride a little but no more. Your kindness and the respect that you show for the fallen is a symbol this country really needs right now.

I thank you for what you did for Louis Gene Miller and his wife Marsha and all the rest of his family. It finally is time for the fallen in Nam and every war and the returnees from Nam and every war to be honored they way that they deserved to be honored when we came back and were dishonored for serving in Nam.

I wish I could say or give more than gratitude but that is all I have and I stand and salute the Guard for what they stand for and what they do.

On behalf of myself and all Viet Nam Vets and the Miller family God Bless you and may your rides continue to lead to respect and glory for yourselves and your service then and now.

Al Morris.

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