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I have been informed that the Patriot Guard will be escorting my fiance, Jeremiah Johnson, from the airport to the funeral home on 15 July, 2020, and possibly at the funeral as well. I am also military stationed overseas, same base as Jeremiah was. I cannot thank you enough for doing this for his family, myself, and my daughter (whom he considered his own). I will be PCS’ing to northern California, Beale AFB at the end of this year, and I hope during my time on leave, visiting his grave and his parents, I get the chance to shake one of your members hands. As much as I wish I could be there in person, be able to protect the love of my life as he goes to his burial, I am amazed at the support from so many people. Thank you. Thank you for protecting his family and his body. I will forever be grateful.

-Ashley Danley-Johnson

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