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For Mike Albers

Dear Mike,

My family and I would like to thank you for your escort to Jefferson Barracks yesterday. And thanks for the gold medallion And also thanks for the Patriot Guard Riders. riding with respect booklet. I have read the booklet and it is great. I especially enjoyed reading “It is the Veteran.” I think my dad would have liked that too.

I was privileged to call Jim Bernthal my dad. He and my mom were married over 70years. And they passed away within a month of each other.

My dad knew all of his children, Carol, Jean Jeff and Nancy and me well. He understood we were all different and yet did his best to treat us all in an equal way. In many ways he was the captain of our ship and he was a great husband and father.

I’ve also visited the website and enjoyed the poems especially one which described the stars and sea at night.

My dad would have loved the military part of his funeral. He was proud to be in the Navy.

Thanks some more, Mike.

Very truly yours,

Mike Bernthal

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