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Driving west on a Thursday evening could have been slow, so I drove the backroads the entire way from Shakopee to St Michael tonight. It was a beautiful evening for a drive through the country. In the small town of Fletcher, I saw a group of Patriot Guard Riders on their Harleys as they approached the four-way stop sign ? from my right. I motioned all of them through as they approached turning left, while giving them waves and thumbs up. Then I heard one fella say loudly, “SHE knows!” Honestly, I recognized a couple of the riders from my husband‘s (Harlan Johnson) funeral!! Then I started to cry! Happy tears! It was a great day! Thanks for making it special by crossing my path today – and for being at my husband’s funeral on 6/7/14. I hope you all feel huge appreciation for being there for the soldier and their family. I know Harlan was very proud of his 33 years of service and your utmost respect for him was so very special. Now I get emotional when I hear about or see the Riders, as I know another soldier, widow and family is going to experience your support and warm presence!! ????

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