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My husband, Grant Strahle, passed on November 19, 2019. It had been eighteen years since he retired from the Savannah Police Department and forty years since his retirement from the U.S. Army. It was difficult to decide on the type of final service for him. The service was small for the same reasons as stated above. The service though small was very impressive, the patriot guard providing the escort and the police department blocking off all street ramps it was truly a sight to see. Also with the patriot guard people were getting out of their cars and saluting or at least standing at attention.The Army provided the twenty one gun salute with the Chaplain officiating at the grave side. I know my husband would have been really touched by the showing of this respect.
I would like to thank the patriot guard for their service during my husband’s funeral and being there for me and our family.

With Respect, Yvonne Strahle

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