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My dad, Demax Dewees, age 91 was laid to rest yesterday. We invited the PGR to attend just two days before, and didn’t think they’d be able to attend on such short notice. We were wrong. They started showing up outside the chapel just before the service. When we exited the chapel, a flag line was waiting for my dad outside. My family was overwhelmed by the love we were shown by these men and women, VOLUNTEERS- who had been complete strangers to us. The number of guards actually outnumbered the funeral attendees.The only way I can describe the experience is to say “taken care of”. The moment they arrived, they sort of took over, in the best possible way. From organizing the drive to the cemetery, receiving us there, and the honor and respect they showed for my dad- truly overwhelming. The PGRs mission is to honor our country’s veterans, and they did so, beautifully. But they did so much more than that. Years from now, when I think back to the day we buried my dad, I won’t remember the sadness. I will remember the love shown to my family, and respect they showed for my dad, my hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Patriot Guard Riders.

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