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CDR Beth E. Patridge, USN, Ret

I cannot thank everyone enough for their service in this mission honoring a long time friend and shipmate. When I contacted PGR I wasn’t sure if there was time enough to make this happen. THEN, on a cold and snowy day, the dedicated group showed up, honored Beth and those who attended her funeral by standing guard both at the funeral home, during the ride to Arlington, and then at Arlington itself. Everyone who attended was both touched and impressed by the care and professionalism of the PGR. I have a picture which I’d like to send…but not sure how to do that. I’m thinking via email to the Captain of the PGR for Virginia? Please advise.

PGR will ALWAYS have my utmost respect–everyone who attended could not agree more. Her brother was so touched by their service during this mission. Thank you ALL for YOUR service in this vital way for those who have left us. May your path be blessed and protected…forever.

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