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Dear Patriot Riders.

It has been almost 7 years now since I lost my beloved son and Marine. I have never seen this post or site. I was so comforted by the Riders that day. I have seen a few over the years but I must secure with you, in my heart you will always stay. My son was neither better or more than any one faithful warrior that sets out to protect and embrace the “bigger” picture. Billy of course to me was the Mountain. He is missed daily by us. His smile was bigger than life. His hugs were nothing less than filled with great love. All of you that have served or supported one that serve or served, are loved by me more than you will ever understand. As I watch the country divided and disrespectful on almost every level, my mind is able to embrace some very wonderful riders who stood tall in 20 degree weather. Who stood while the wind was stinging in their faces. My stance is if only our country could embrace such respect. God asked us to lead by example. Billy and many like him, whether male or female, military or otherwise have tried to do so. Our country needs to bring back the RESPECT. May you ride someday in the future with those words screaming from your bikes. BRING BACK THE RESPECT. We are the greatest Nation and to be less is only our failure as a people. ALL my love Patriot Riders!

Nan Siders the ole Billster’s big momma!! 🙂

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