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Algie Mabone – Somerville, TN

I tried my best to express my sincerest gratitude for to the PGR during their Tennessee Mission to big ole Fayette County, TN as they paid their respects to my Granddaddy Algie Mabone; who served in World War II, in the 92nd Infantry Division also known as the Buffalo Soldiers.

Throughout the course of 2 days everyone was SO kind, not only to the Mabone family but also to ALL of the extended family that came to share in the services for Granddaddy! I heard them sharing stories with each other, inviting the children who were there to hold the flags in honor and not once complaining about the sun that beamed throughout the day.

Thank you for making sure everything went smoothly!

I truly thank EACH OF YOU from the bottom of my humble heart not only for your service to the Mabone family but for your service and sacrifice for for our country!


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