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Alfred L Groom Honor Mission 7-12-18 7-13-18

Hello Patriot Guard Riders *District 6 Massillon, Ohio
Ride Captain* Ralph Olbon
Pat O’Connor OH PG D6 Captain
John Bowman
Jim Meyers
Ohio Assistant State Captain Mike Hamilton
Gary Knight OH PG District 2 Captain
Chaplain2 Ralph W. Olbon RC Dist 6
Edwina Campbell, Secretary Ohio Patriot Guard
I waited a while to pondered what to say to all involved in the Honor Mission for my husband, BTFN Alfred L. Groom, USN – Vietnam Massillon, Ohio 07-12-18 Resting 07-13-18 Rosehill Cemetery, Military Section. It will be 14 days tomorrow that my husband passed; 16 days since I first met each of you in the 6th District Ohio Patriot Guard. I personally showed my gratitude to each of you on both days of real agony for myself and family. I introduced myself, shaking each of your hands, and hugging each of you; very gracious that you showed my Veteran honor. My husband is My Hero. He suffered the whole time that I knew him. We never could figure out what was wrong, until what my husband succumbed to raised it’s head, which was 100% service related, Multiple Myeloma or Agent Orange as most Vietnam Veterans call it. It is an incurable disease, that chemotherapy would be endless with no remission ever. He suffered so; I pray he is the last Veteran to have to fight this horrendous, horrid sentence. He was a wonderful person, that no matter what he felt like, you would have not known he was terminally ill. He never complained. My hero, lost his father at the age of 9. When he applied for all branches of service, was denied, due to a very small leg, by contracting polio when he was 16. He never gave up and was thrilled that he made it through the admission deep water test that he had to pass to get into the USN. The USN was his last hope, and he served proudly. He was 16 years my senior, yet he was, oh just a bright loving good soul, husband, dad and soldier. His hospice nurses came to say goodbye to their soldier patient. He was just that way. A good guy who people grew to love. This is very unlike nurses to get attached that way to their patient, but that is a testimony in itself of what a wonderful person he was. He was very proud of our son, who served in OEF and OIF. Military soldiers are dominant in our family. To see your group of guys, standing to give him honor, I really am at lost for words to express what it meant to each of us, his family. I can only cry, tears of heartfelt gratitude to each of you. I could never have given him the Military Honors send off, he so deserved without your organization. Thank you for honoring him, for the presentation and sending the beautiful engraved plaque dedicated to his memory. Your presence is priceless and forever etched in my families hearts.
In fondest memory of BTFN Alfred L. Groom USN Vietnam Veteran, we say, God Bless each of you.
Patty Groom and Family
Massillon, Oh 44646

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