David Lummus

Courtney Tatum donated to the PGR in memory of David Lummus

In loving memory of my daddy, my hero.

Therese Henrion

Frank Henrion donated to the PGR in memory of Therese Henrion

Steve W. Maddox

Janet Maddox donated to the PGR in memory of Steve W. Maddox

Howard Chaney

Kat Murphy donated to the PGR in memory of Howard Chaney.

In memory of Howard Chaney, and with love to all his family - from your friends in England x

Floyd Arvin Hollingshead

The PGR of San Diego came to our rescue, and performed the most wonderful flag folding ceremony for us. I loved the narration and explanation of each step, all the significance, and the heartfelt tribute and dedication of each of the 20 or so riders who contributed to the ceremony was absolutely amazing. There was not a dry eye in our group, thanks to the love and kindness that these people exhibited. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to our aid, and then absolutely blowing us away with the meaningful service you gave to honor my father. We made a donation today in gratitude.

Paul Belleperche

Gail Warren donated to the PGR in memory of Paul Belleperche.

Linda and Family my heart goes out to you...Love, gail warren

Wendell Smith

Jon Ziegler donated to the PGR in memory of Wendell Smith

David Haun

Lindsey Adamoski donated to the PGR in honor of David Haun.

Joseph Weaver

Brian Weaver donated to the PGR in memory of Joseph Weaver

Paul Belleperch

The Towering Oaks HOA  donated to the PGR in memory of Paul Belleperch

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