William Larry Mathews

On behalf of my family and my deceased husband, I want to thank the Patriots Guard riders for such a special escort and honor guard ceremony at the gravesite of my husband at the Georgia Veteran’s Cemetery. The respect and honor shown to him was beyond description and your service of a motorcycle escort from the funeral home to the gravesite was so touching. He would have been so thankful for what you did for him
out of respect for his service to our country. Your men and women stood guard at the door of the funeral home while the service took place and then they escorted us to the veteran’s cemetery. The whole process took the better part of their day and their services were so appreciated. Thank you and may your organization forever carry on this service for future servicemen and women.
Lynda Mathews and family

Jacob Brantley Griffin, Jr.

May God richly bless your ministry of consolation and pageantry which added so much to the funeral of my dear husband on July 30 of this year. It was impressive to see the professional performance and respect which caught the attention of spectators as you led this sacred event to National Cemetery. It is especially important in a day of carelessness and often abandon of things more important, to arrest the public attention that show that you care. Thank you so much. May you be blessed with safety and accord among your riders, as you lead, as one Man, for Jesus’ sake..

Reginald Perrotte

You stood at the funeral of Reginald Perrotte on June 20, 2020 at White’s Funeral Home in Scotia. The weather than day was hot and sunny. But the Patriot Guard was there. I have been a friend of the family for years and I can attest to how grateful they were to have you there. Thank you for standing guard and giving Reggie the appropriate send off.

Bobby Lee Fowler

Thank you So much for escorting my father to final rest today sept.28,2020 at veterans cemetery at Spanish fort. In his entire life he was most proud of his Navy service 51’-55’ Korean War and continued helping others as American Legion post 88 commander then 33district commander, like you fellow veterans he wanted to help his brothers at arms. As you did for him today, you guys have all our love from the Fowler family !!! Thank you !!!!

James Raymond Brown

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! My uncle meant the world to me, I so wish he could have seen all the bikes. my uncle and my daddy, a Marine, both wish they were back on a Harley. I know my uncle was complete when I saw the PGR at Martin’s that day. Y’all made my heart smile. Thank you!!!

Roger Moore

On behalf of our family, we’d like to Thank You, for the compassionate, respectful, and caring presence of each person involved
in the service for our beloved, Roger Moore. Saturday, Sept 12, 2020. To give of yourselves so unselfishly, and humbly, was so touching.. inspiring.

May God bless all of your endeavors, and may the beautiful service that you so freely give.. “Motivate one another to acts of love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24

Franklin Ferdinand Sigl

The entire Sigl family wants to thank you for the strong showing on Friday 18 September for ceremony. It touched all of us and we wanted to say thank you.

Best Regards,

Donald John Sadler Sr

Thank you so much for your participation in my Husband’s ceremony at Willamette National Ceremony in Portland OR on September 16, 2020.. Many of my family had never attended a Military funeral with the Patriot Guard in attendance. The family was amazed that such an organization even existed. One mentioned she wish she had known of you for her father-in-law’ s funeral. The coin that was given to me is very precious to me and I will carry it with me as I attempt to continue to go on without Don in my life, but I still have my family

Again, THANK YOU for being there for my family

Norma Ford-Sadler

John Kaiser

Thank you for your support for my father, John Kaiser, for his last ride to Jefferson Barracks on August 13, 2020. Your Team was wonderful and helped our family make this difficult day special. God bless you.

Chris Carroll

There are bad dreams, there are strange dreams and then there are nightmares. I found myself in my own worst nightmare and I could barely breathe. Everything was wrong. My mind wouldn’t work right. My world was in agony and roaring flames. Nothing made sense. The very thing I was most afraid of was happening and I could do nothing to stop it. Time wasn’t moving in a linear way for me and if you tell me I wasn’t just standing there screaming my lungs out -I’d be surprised. I could not handle that nightmare- but then there you were. Like a rock. Your presence at my brothers funeral will forever be the strength and dignity that kept me human that day. I will always be in your debt. I will never, ever forget what you did for my brother. And for me. Thank you! You have my loyalty. if you ever need it. It’s yours.

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