James Prew Funeral

Thank you for attending my uncle’s funeral. It meant a lot to us, his family. My uncle would have shaken each one of your hands and thanked you individually. Thank you for all you do and know your kindness and service does not go unappreciated.

– Staci Prew Williams

Jerry W Bell

Thank you for escorting my husband PFC Jerry W Bell, Army, to his final resting place in June 2020.
I was so touched by your thoughts and service it led me to become a member for the Guard also.

Steven Skidmore

The Skidmore family would like to say thank you for providing service in honor of my father. He would have been honored to see it if he could have. Continue to be amazing Guards for our Patriots..The respect you guys have shown in my fathers honor with always be remembered and appreciated you guys are wonderful THANK YOU AGAIN FROM THE SKIDMORE FAMILY.

Donald W. Amato Sr.

I would like to thank Mr. L. E. Harrison and all the riders who came and stood the flag line for my father, Donald W. Amato Sr. in Columbia SC on November 21, 2020. My father was an Army Paratrooper who served during the Korean Conflict. His most proud moments were serving his country so it was a fitting tribute to his service to have the PGR there. As a motorcycle rider myself, I understand what this means to families and also the bikers who give their time selflessly to honor these heroes. My family and I are so grateful to these men and women who give of themselves and their time to participate. Words are not enough to tell you how proud my Dad would be to know they were there for him and we are as well. My father, even in his illness and his last days, would have fought to defend this country all over again if given a chance. God Bless all of the Patriot Guard Riders.

John (Jack) Oscar Yunghans

The Patriot Guard Riders are very special people. They attended my father’s funeral and where so respectful and thoughtful!!! It just made the celebration of life Better! We appreciated everything they did to honor him! Thank you so much! We will never forget you!
The family of John Yunghans

Staff Sgt. Albert Michael Hinton

My family and I cannot begin to express our heartfelt gratitude for the honor you bestowed on my cousin Staff Sgt. Albert Michael Hinton on November 24, 2020 in Cedartown, Georgia. When the members of the mission rode up on their motorcycles, flag flying escorted by our local police force it was beyond impressive. I began to imagine that if Albert had been alive to witness it he would have been overjoyed. The Final Salute Ceremony with Patriot Guard Riders was the very first time something of this magnitude has ever happened in Cedartown. The dignity and the patriotism was so welcomed and so warm that immediate friendships were established. Again thank you for honoring Albert Hinton with respect, dignity representative of his duty to our country.

Thomas A Riegel funeral July 29th 2020

On behalf of the Riegel family, I would like to extend our deepest thanks for allowing my father to receive military honors. This whole year has been a cluster and not being able to give my father his military due was so devastating. Once COVID hit, I refused to allow him to go to the hospital anymore as it was always pneumonia and he wanted to pass at home. I was honored and proud to have accomplished that mission.

Thank you for allowing him to be honored through your organization. It would have embarrassed him but made him proud all the same.

Manuel Perez,Jr. park

Thank you so much to all the Patriot Guard riders from Oklahoma who honored us with your attendance at the dedication of Manuel Perez, Jr. park and honoring of the .35 Medal of Honor awardees from Oklahoma. Once again Thank you and thank you for what you do!

Joel Lee Crawford

Thank you so much honoring our friend Sgt. Joel Lee Crawford. His final request was taken care of due to your devotion to our veterans. We considered him our family and our friend so it was very much appreciated.

Andrew H. Busch

Our family would like to sincerely thank the Springfield, Missouri Patriot Guard Riders for participating in our Dad’s service. The absolute reverence shown and the potentially dangerous escort was such an honor to our Father’s well-lived life.

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