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    David C. Jones, Veteran, USA - Vietnam, MULTI-CITY, Arizona - 20 Mar 2017

    SSG David C. Jones, Veteran

    USA - Vietnam

    MULTI-CITY, Arizona - 20 Mar 2017


    The family of David Jones has requested the Patriot Guard Riders stand a flag line and provide escort to National Cemetery for Military Honors and it shall be our honor to do so.

    David Jones served his country proudly from 1966 to 1974 in the United States Army. David attained the rank of Staff Sergeant, serving in the 101st Airborne, First and Second Brigades. He received The Presidential Unit Citation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 2 stars, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal and Bronze Star with Valor.


    Primary Staging Time: 8:50 A.M.
    Butler Mortuary
    14 w. Hulet Dr.
    Chandler, Arizona - 85225

    Ride Captain:
    Bill Wildhorse

    Special Instructions:
    We will stand a flag line from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m. prior to memorial service.
    We will provide escort to National, with KSU approximately 11:45-noon.
    Honors is at 1:30 p.m.

    Flag Support Vehicle Person: Les and Linda

    Road Guards are requested.
    Lead RG: DJ

    Flags & Water:
    Flags Will Be Provided
    If you have large bike flags, please bring them.
    Water will be provided.

    STAGING #2 DETAILS: 20 Mar, 2017

    Staging #2 Time: 1:00 P.M.
    National Cemetery
    23029 N. Cave Creek Rd.
    Phoenix, Arizona - 85024

    Ride Captain:
    Bill Wildhorse

    Special Instructions:
    For those not doing escort, meet flag support at visitor's center, then proceed to designated shelter at 1:15 p.m. IF ESCORT HAS NOT ARRIVED PRIOR.

    Flags & Water:
    Flags will be provided
    Large bike flags will NOT be needed
    Water will be provided.

    Submitted By: Tom Rohan
    Position: Assistant State Captain


    You do not have to own/ride a motorcycle or be a Veteran to join and membership is Free. The only requirement is RESPECT! To join, simply go to Patriot Guard website and click on Register. Membership is Free.

    To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Mission Tab at the top. Select Upcoming Missions by State. Scroll to the state(s) you would like to receive notices for and click on the green check mark. Detailed instructions are also located in the FAQs on the site by clicking on the Quick Links Tab and selecting FAQs.
    SGM (R)
    Massachusetts Army National Guard (1970-2012)
    OIF I and OIF III Veteran
    MA Ride Captain
    National Moderator Team

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    My wife and I wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this true American Hero, US Army, Viet Nam War Veteran, Staff Sergeant (SSG) David C. Jones. We thank you for your service to a grateful nation, may your family find peace in knowing you served proudly and comfort in the months to come. May you rest in peace for your mission is now complete. I salute you.

    ​Riding in honor of:

    F.C. White, Sr. Tec 5, US Army, WWII (Father)
    F.C. White, Jr. SSgt, US Air Force, Viet Nam (Brother)
    D.B. White Petty Officer 2nd Class, US Navy Seabee, Viet Nam Era Vet (Twin)
    "We Build/We Fight", "Seabee's Can Do"
    D. Thompson, Master Chief Petty Officer, US Navy (Ret), Korean War (Uncle)
    G. Thompson, Jr. Private, US Army, WWII (Uncle)
    G. Thompson, Private, US Army, WWI (Grandpa)

    R.W. White (AKA) "Bob White"
    US Army (Ret)
    Jul 72 - Aug 94

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    Our condolences to the friends and family of our departed hero. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Your loss is our loss and we share that burden. We now stand the flag line and ride in honor of the service to this great nation.
    Blaise Johnston
    RC Ohio District 5

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    It is with heavy heart that I offer sincere condolences to the family of yet another American Hero.

    May the memories of your Hero carry you through the days and years to come.

    Rest in Peace My Brother…

    As we of the United States Navy say… Fair Winds and Following Seas, we have the Watch…
    Nick 'Mustang' Young
    Retired FL Assistant State Captain
    Retired FL/MS Ride Captain
    Crestview, FL

    USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)
    USS Flatley (FFG-21)
    USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7)
    USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44)
    USN/USNR Retired

    Riding in Memory of:
    JOCS Nicholas P. Young, Sr. USN (Ret)
    Father and Hero (Korea and Vietnam)
    MGST Joseph Young USA (Ret)
    AVCM Mike Burn USN (Ret)
    FLASC, Friend

    Standing By to Render Honors...

    God Bless America and The Troops

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    My sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of SSG David C Jones. May your faith give you strength. May your memories give you comfort. May GOD'S love give you peace. Thank you David for your service.
    Karen (kerrybell) Trone
    If you are going to worry then don't pray...
    If you are going to pray then don't worry !!
    For I know the plans I have for you....
    Jeremiah 29:11

    Live simply. Love generously.
    Care deeply. Speak kindly.
    Leave the rest to God.

    Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal.

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    Rest In Peace Veteran.
    "Eyes on the olive branch, but arrows at the ready."

    US Army 1970 - 1972

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    It is with great sadness that I learned of the loss of this hero. We mourn
    with their family and friends. Though we mourn, we stand tall to honor them.
    This hero's service and sacrifice will not be forgotten. We ask that this hero
    rest in eternal peace.
    Hero, you can stand down. We have the watch.

    MIA/POW's you are not forgotten.

    "Hotwheel," Cisco, Texas

    In memory of :
    SGT. Ralph D. Woods Jr. USA Korea
    Crew Chief Eddy J. Pearman USAAC/USAF Korea
    Radio Operator Duane Duncan USMC Vietnam

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    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this American Hero, a grateful nation mourns your loss. Find peace, strength and comfort in the knowledge that your fallen hero gave unselfishly of themselves in order to keep us all free and safe. Your brave warrior will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your loved one with all of us, their sense of duty and honor will live on for generations to come. God Bless you our Hero for a job well done.Stand down and rest in peace.

    As I sit in Heaven, and watch you every day,
    I try to let you know with signs, I never went away.
    I hear you when you're laughing, and watch you while you sleep,
    I even place my arms around you, to calm you as you weep.
    I see you wish the days away, begging to have me home,
    So I try to send you signs, so you know you are not alone.
    Don't feel guilty that you have life, that was denied to me,
    Heaven is truly beautiful, just you wait and see.
    So live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free,
    Then I know with every breath you take, you'll be taking one for me.
    Rev. Rick Hensel
    PGR NY Reg. 1

    Standing in honor of:
    My Son, Staff Sgt. Christopher Hensel, USA (AD), Korea, OIF, OEF
    My Step Son, PO1 Ralph Clarke, USN (R)
    In memory of:
    My Father, Frederick (Red) Hensel Sr., NY National Guard
    My Cousin, Richard Hensel, USA, Korea
    My Cousin, Sgt Edward Hensel, USA, Honor Guard, Arlington National Cemetery
    My Uncle, Donald Hensel, USA, Korea
    My Uncle, Harold Hensel, USA, WWII
    My Uncle, Sgt William (Bill) Hensel, USA, WWII

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    My wife and I offer our prayers and condolences to the family and friends of an American hero. We pray that God gives you peace and strength to carry on in this difficult time. We are proud to honor the service this hero unselfishly gave for our great nation.

    Please know that the prayers of so many people are with you and your family. I hope that you can find some solace in knowing that your loss is shared so deeply.

    Jim Jackson
    Arkansas Ride Captain

    Riding in memory of:
    My father Paul Jackson, US Army WWII
    My grandfather Howard Jackson, US Army WWI

    My grandfather Neil Garrett, US Army WWI

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    I would like to offer my sincere condolences and prayers to the family during this time of sorrow. May peaceful moments and cherished memories bring renewed strength for tomorrow. Do not let your heart be troubled. Your faith will keep you strong. We thank this this fallen hero who honorably served our Nation.

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    My Family and I send our condolences to the Family and friends of a True American Hero. You will be in our thoughts and Prayers over the coming days. Your Hero’s Service and Sacrifice to our Country can never be forgotten.
    Harry “Bantam” Trawick
    SW Ga RC

    A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to: "The United States of America" for any amount, up to and including my life".

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    Miz. Alice and I wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this true American Hero, We thank you for your service to a grateful nation, may your family find peace in knowing you served proudly and comfort in the months to come. May you rest in peace for your mission is now complete. We salute you.
    Willie "Poppa Joe" Black
    Georgia Ride Captain

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    My wife and I wish to send our sincere condolences for our fallen HERO.
    Thank you for your service.
    Ride captain
    RJ Shoemaker
    Life member VVA

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    May you find strength in the love of family and in the warm embrace of friends. Our sincere condolences to you and your family.
    We fought a revolution. We won the revolution. We wrote the Constitution.
    The constitution doesn’t grant power, it keeps the government off our backs.

    Ron "Smokey" Wasmuth
    US Air Force 1962 - 1966
    Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1040 (Life member), Vietnam Veterans of Brevard (Life member), American Legion Post 4 (Lakeland)

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    Farmington, MO. 63640
    May You Rest in God's Arms, Warrior.
    S. Roger "Goose" Dollinger, SRC.
    U.S. Navy Veteran ('61-'65-'67)
    "Non Sibi Sed Patriae"

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    My wife and I wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of David C. Jones, USA - Vietnam Veteran. Thank you for your service to our country and may God Bless you and your family in their time of need. Rest in peace your duty here on earth is done.
    Lamar SpeedyO Owen
    Vietnam 1967-1968
    U.S. Army
    Standing for those that stood for us.
    Went to Nam as strangers and came home brothers.
    Riding in memory of my brother James W. Owen USAAC, WWII.

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    Prayers outbound for the family and friends . Thank you for your service to our country . Rest in Peace .
    US Marine 1979-1982
    John 3:16

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    Thank you all

    I want to take a second to thank you all for helping out with Dave's services and escort on Monday. It meant the world to his widow, his sons and his daughter, and to me. I also want to share something of him with you. Below is a copy of what I read at his services, describing the award of his bronze star. I gives you a little bit of an idea why the Patriot guard honoring him means so much to us. Thank you an God Bless!!!!

    I am not blood family, but Dave and I DID share a bond, as brothers in arms, and as idiots willing to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. He was a warrior of the purest kind, fighting until the end. He was also an gentle man. He was one of the few that I could talk to about certain things, because he understood. No matter how rough his day had been, he would always ask how I was doing and I knew that he meant it and was interested.
    Most of us will go through life and not leave a mark. Dave was not that guy. If it needed doing, he did it. Everywhere he went he made an impression. He was a very patient and kind person that would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. He would speak highly of everybody. And especially so of his wife Connie.
    Dave enjoyed model airplanes, trains, being a HAM operator and being involved with his community. He was the president of the HAM radio club, Ten-Ten International, a member of the American League, and Dave and his wife Connie are members of Roadrunner Prospecting Club. When Dave was not involved in one many of his hobbies, you might find him with his family on a fishing trips, camping and target shooting. These were just a few of the other things that Dave & Connie enjoyed doing together.

    His family and I would like to share a story about Dave and his military service. While stationed in Vietnam, Dave was part of the 101st Airborne Division, The Screaming Eagles, specifically the 327th Airborne infantry regiment. While he was there he was awarded the Bronze star for Valor.

    This is Official Letter of Award from the Department of the Army on 27th April, 1967
    Regarding : Private first class David C Jones
    Awarded : Bronze Star Medal with “v” device
    Date of Action : 29 December 1966
    Reason : For Heroism in connection with military operation against a hostile force. Private First Class Jones distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous actions on 29 December 1966 in the Republic of Viet Nam. While conducting a search and destroy operation, Private Jone’s platoon came under intense enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire from a numerically superior North Vietnamese force. With complete disregard for his own personal safety, Private Jones charged towards the nearest enemy emplacement, firing as he ran. After seeing his bold, heroic action, the friendly platoons assaulted the insurgents and succeeded in routing them while suffering no friendly casualties. Private Jones’ devotion to duty and personal courage were in keeping with the highest tradition of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

    On the authority and by the direction of the President under the Provision of Executive order 11046, 24 August 1962

    Now I would like to share with you Dave’s version of this story, put to paper just this last September. His modesty is part of the reasons that he was such a humble and caring guy.

    OK I was with the 101st Airborne division on jungle search and destroy missions. Most of the time we did not know where we were. We would be helicoptered to an area and told whether or not there were friendly people.
    We had been going thru the jungle most of the day. We were hungry and tired as we had not come across any enemy yet that day. The rucksacks on our backs weighed close to 60 pounds, because of the 8 canteens of water, ammo, smoke grenades, ammo for the M60 machine gun, C4 and TNT explosives, claymore mines, and C rations. We stopped for a break and to fix something to eat and rest. I had fixed my favorite C ration and was cooking it on a fire made from a piece of C4. It gets really hot and works well. We were at the bottom of a hill on a trail that we found that went thru the jungle. Just as I was getting ready to enjoy my meal, a sniper at the top of the hill fired a round toward me. I was missed, but it pissed me off. I threw my lunch down the hill, grabbed my M16 and ran up the hill toward a fallen tree to get behind. I could not see anyone but I fired toward the top of the hill anyway. I had stopped on top of an ant bed with huge ants that were biting me. That made me madder. As a member of the machine team, the gunner followed me and set up the M60. We were behind the big fallen tree. The gunner started firing across the top of the hill. The rest of the platoon soon caught up, and everyone was strafing the top of the hill. We must have fired 10,000 rounds. Ya have to remember we were all carrying ammo and had not seen any action. So, we were all tired and did not want to carry all this ammo. The sniper must have decided to run with all the ammo coming his way. So, to go out into the open and run up a hill in plain site is just stupid. I was mad at the sniper for interrupting my lunch. We all went up the hill and found one of the largest hooch complex we had ever seen with animals, food, water, underground medical facilities, etc. It was a very large complex. We did not find anyone there as they must have abandoned it when we went up the hill. Being on a search and destroy mission, we demolished all of it. That was just another day to most of us. After I was sent to Ft Hood, Texas, I was told that I was going to get a medal for this event. As it turned out, I was given a Bronze Star with a V device for valor because I ran up the hill guiding my team and the platoon toward the enemy. They gave me a parade in review. That means I stood in the stands with the Officers while columns of friends and soldiers marched by me in my honor. It was actually kind of embarrassing because I never thought I did anything that any other guy in my unit would do. The 101st Airborne unit is a very gun-ho outfit. I have always thought you never get a medal like that unless you are very mad or on some kind of drugs... It was a stupid thing to do to run out in the open up a hill, but I was still starving after all this. The officer in my unit had put me in for this medal and took a year or so to catch up to me. That is why I received it at Ft Hood, TX.

    In the words of Paul Harvey…. And now you know the rest of the story….
    The 101st, the Screaming Eagles have a motto. It is “rendezvous with destiny”

    Staff Sergeant David Jones , This is your final Muster, your rendezvous with Destiny, Stand at ease, soldier and enjoy your well-deserved R&R.

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    My wife and I offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of our departed Hero. We are grateful to this Veteran and this family, for all of the sacrifices that were made to protect us, and preserve our freedoms. May your faith and your fond memories be your guiding light in this time of sorrow.

    I stand....
    In memory of my PGR Brother - Mark Schroeder - March 28, 2016
    In honor of my active duty son - Ben Hirsch - U.S. Navy
    In appreciation of all who earned my freedom.

    Jeff Hirsch

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    I offer my condolences to the family and friends of this VIETNAM WAR HERO who will not be forgotten. Rest in peace forever free.

    They may take my LIFE, but they will NEVER take my FREEDOM!

    "It is accomplished by the few for the many - FREEDOM!" Harley Harrold

    USN 1971-1975
    USAF 1975 - 2011 (Retired)

    Aerospace Propulsion Systems Technician / Engine Trending & Diagnostics Technician / Wing Engine Manager.

    Volunteer Fire Fighter for 16+ years.

    Riding in memory of the Vietnam War, that it will NOT be repeated.

    2007 HARLEY DAVIDSON FATBOY (Dragon Warrior)

    Here be a DRAGON...from HOUSTON, TEXAS.


    ENGLISH by birth, AMERICAN by choice, SOUTHERN by the grace of God.

    Member of:

    PGR of MS - PGR of Central Texas Region - VFW (Life Member) - Past Commander (2011-2012) VFW Post 79, Meridian, MS - Past Chairman & former member of the VFW Riders Meridian, MS (2009-2013) - American Legion - MRF - Gun Owners of America - NRA - III% - College Park United Methodist Church - National HOG (Life Member) - Meridian HOG Chapter London, England (Life Member) - I am a Full time biker [45+ years].


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