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Snowball Express

Snowball Express
Tulsa, Oklahoma – 12-07-19


PGR has been requested to attend the send off of the Snowball Express at the Tulsa International Airport to honor the children of our Gold Star families that are going on this special event this year. See Special Instructions.

Staging Time: 4:30am

Tulsa International Airport Concourse A
7777 E. Apache
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Ride Captain:

Ron (MOE) Moseley

Special Instructions:

All riders must wear either their PGR vest, jacket or PGR shirt.
Those riders that wish to attend this mission must send the following information to Ron (MOE) Moseley 918-269-6767 or sooner46@att.net.
*Your full name as it appears on your Driver License
*Your Birthdate (including the year)
*The dates and time you will need the gate pass for.
I must have this information by 2 Dec 2019.
Flags & Water:
Flags will be provided
Large Bike Flags will NOT be needed.
Water WILL NOT be provided, please bring your own.

Submitted By: Edmond Moseley
Position: Oklahoma Ride Captain

Note: You do not have to own/ride a motorcycle or be a veteran to join, and membership is Free. The only requirement is RESPECT! To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Members tab at the top. Select the Subscribe to PGR Missions option.

Snowball Express

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updated 28 NOV 12 1927est Three Peanuts


As of this writing, we will not be going to the hotel first, so if you cannot make the other stages please make sure you meet us at Burger King so we can all leave together.

Also for those that wish to come all the way inside here is a note from John about that. If you do not want to go all the way through security that’s fine come down for the time we will be greeting the families out side.

“Jim to expedite the gate pass process on Friday morning if there are any members of the PGR who know they will be attending they can send me an email to John.Fenech@aa.com [1] and include their name as it appears on the photo id they will be bringing to the airport along with their birth date, We will then print up the boarding passes prior to their arrival. Thank you once again for all you do.”

Jim McElroy
Region 8 & 9 Senior Ride Captain, Assistant State Captain
East Northport, NY 11731, jim.mcelroy.pgr@gmail.com [2] , 516.805.3316


Confirmed Honor Mission: Snowball Express, JFK Friday, Nov 30th, 0630 hrs.


For those that have been on this mission before you need no other info so skip down to the staging details.

For those that have never been on this mission before, here is what it is about. The Snowball express is an Organization that try’s in their own small way to help the children and spouses of those that lost their lives for us. Since Daddy or Mommy can’t be here any more to share Christmas with them and possibly take them on a small trip for the Holidays, and since the Holidays are different for these family’s than most, Snowball express has a holiday weekend down in Texas for all the children and spouses of the fallen so they can share many things, some good and some sad with others that can understand. All this is done with no cost to the families. Snowball express (lookup the website for more info) sets up Friday, Saturday and Sunday activities, get-to-gethers, meals and much more. They coordinate the Volunteers that go with them to make sure all is well. American Airlines and its employees donate the transportation.(AA Donates the equipment and the fuel and the employees donate their time as all of the employees with this flight, Pilots cleaning crew attendants etc Donate their time to these family’s because there loved ones can’t anymore.

All we do is be there when the family’s arrive with our flag line and encouragement, then accompany the family’s (if we choose) to the breakfast that AA put out for them and then accompany them the Flight to make sure that they know that we and all Americans do not forget there loved ones or their sacrifices and that they are not alone. Oh and we try to get as many smiles from the children as we can.


Hicksville Stage Area KSU 0530 hrs

Waldbaums Shopping Center, Rt. 106/107 just South West of LIE and NS Pkwy

Valley Stream State Troopers Barracks, (West Bound) KSU 0545 hrs

Please be ready and for safety reasons for lane changing we will be doing a drive by so when you see us pull out and catch up safely please. If you are there call me and I will give you eta.

Burger King KSU 0600 Hrs.

North Conduit and Rockaway Ave., (Just off the Belt)

As of this writing we will either be going to the hotel to assist them in loading on the bus and then escort to AA terminal or we will be going straight to AA terminal. Please watch for an update in the next day or so. Thanks you.

Jim McElroy
Region 8 & 9 Senior Ride Captain, Assistant State Captain, NY
jim.mcelroy.pgr@gmail.com [2], 516.805.3316