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**STAND DOWN** Peter B. Marshall

HOTH Mission
Peter B. Marshall, POW/MIA, Veteran
Prescott Valley, Arizona – 02-19-21




Peter honorably served in the US Navy for four years during WWII. The day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they bombed the Marine barracks on Guam, taking 300 Navy Sailors and Marines prisoner (including 19 year old Peter), and transported them to work camps in Japan. Peter remained a POW for 1,368 days -almost four years – before he was repatriated. During his captivity he developed a lung infection. After his release, he had a portion of his lung removed at a Navy hospital due to tuberculosis, ending his Navy career. In 1950, he received $1 for every day in captivity. In 1953, he received an additional $1.50 per day. The PGR will have a drive-by Peter’s house to commemorate his 100th birthday and for a special presentation to Peter by the Prescott VA. It is our honor as we show respect and gratitude to this hero for his sacrifices made for this nation.

Staging Time: 12:30

Prescott Valley Church of Christ
8415 E. Manley Drive
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

Ride Captain:

John Moffitt  prescottbikers@hotmail.com  928-713-0856

Special Instructions:

12:45 PM – Briefing
1:00 PM – KSU to Peter’s House
We will stop briefly in front of Peter’s house while the VA does a special presentation for him.
Map   bit.ly/2Z7d2AR [1]
Following CDC/Government guidelines/mandates and directives from our State Captain, the following precautions are to be followed:· All members are required to wear a face mask/cloth covering at all times during the mission. If you are unable to wear a mask, we ask that you stand down and stay home. There are no exceptions.· No handshakes, elbow bumps, or hugs for greetings and goodbyes.· If you feel ill or have a temperature, please stay home until you improve.· If you have a medical condition(s) that make you at high risk we ask that you please stand down until conditions improve.· Maintain a minimum of six-foot distance from other members when standing the flag line. Maintain at least 15 feet separation from all family members, cemetery personnel, Honor Guard, funeral home staff, clergy, etc.
Flags & Water:
Flags will not be provided
If you have large bike flags, please bring them.
Water WILL NOT be provided, please bring your own.

Submitted By: John Moffitt
Position: Arizona Assistant State Captain

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