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Honor Mission
Norbert Anderson, Retired
USA – Vietnam
Springfield, Missouri – 03-06-19


The Patriot Guard has been asked to stand a flag line for USA MSgt Norbert Anderson at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Springfield. This is a flag line only at the cemetery. MSgt Anderson served twenty two years honorably and with pride earning the rank of Master Sergeant. He served from 1965 to November 1989 with a 2 year break in service. Hero Anderson was trained as a combat medic and later as a recruiter/retention NCO. Hero Anderson served in the Vietnam Conflict and was awarded the Combat Medical Badge along with the Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal-2, and Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.

Staging Time: 12:30 p.m.

Missouri Veterans Cemetery, 5201 S. Southwood, Springfield, MO 65807

Ride Captain:

Robert Willis
 (573) 248-6000

Special Instructions:

Flags & Water:
Flags will be provided
Large Bike Flags will NOT be needed.
Water WILL NOT be provided, please bring your own.

Submitted By: Robert Willis
Position: Missouri Ride Captain

Note: You do not have to own/ride a motorcycle or be a veteran to join, and membership is Free. The only requirement is RESPECT! To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Members tab at the top. Select the Subscribe to PGR Missions option.
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March 6
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  1. Michelle and I wish to pass on our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this American Hero. We would like to thank this Hero for your service and sacrifice in the protection of our freedom. You will not be forgotten. We pray you rest in peace.

  2. My wife and I wish to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this true American Hero, US Army (Ret), Viet Nam War Veteran, Master Sergeant (MSG) Norbert Anderson. We thank you for your service to a grateful nation, may your family find peace in knowing you served proudly and comfort in the months to come. May you rest in peace for your mission is now complete. I salute you.

    Robert “Bob” White
    USA (Ret) 1SG
    Vietnam Era
    Ofallon, MO

    Riding in Memory of:
    F.C. White, Sr, Tec 5 USA, WWII (Father)
    G.A. Thompson, Pvt, USA, WWI (Grandpa)
    D.A. Thompson, CMCPO, USN (Ret), Korea (Uncle)
    G.A. Thompson, Sgt, USMC, Korea (Uncle)
    L. Norris, Msgt, USAF (Ret), Vietman (Uncle)

    Riding in Honor of:
    F.C. White, Jr, Ssgt USAF, Vietnam (Brother)
    F.C. White, III, Pfc, ARNG (Nephew)
    D.B. White, PO2, USN, Vietman Era (Twin)

  3. My Family and a Grateful Nation, Thanks your loved one for their service and sacrifices they have made to preserve our Country’s Freedom. We Stand in Spirit with the Patriot Guard Riders as they Honor this Warrior. Stand down and rest in eternal peace, your mission is complete.
    Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave the rest to God.

    USASA M.P. Cpl 59-62 Retired Lt. LEO.
    Ride Captain Patriot Guard
    Montgomery City, Mo.

    Riding in Honor of my Son:
    Mark D. Griffith U.S. Navy Veteran

    Riding in Memory of my Uncles:
    Mural Griffith U.S. Navy WW ll
    Orville Griffith U.S. Army WW ll
    Sterling Griffith U,S, Army WW ll
    Riding in Memory of PGR Brother/Ride Captain
    Sfc. Mark Schroeder USANG {Ret} 3/28/16

  4. From my family to yours… I pray your family and friends will find peace, during this time of sorrow in the loss of this retired US Army and Vietnam veteran. Our nation is grateful for your honorable service. Your service and sacrifice to our
    country should never be forgotten. We now stand for you as you once stood for us.

    Neil Hill “Nitehawk”
    USAF 1974-1978
    Riding in memory of…
    James “Bud” Hill, US Army… Brother
    SFC Mark Schroeder, US Army (RET)… PGR Brother & Ride Captain

  5. My wife and I wish to extend our condolences on your loss.

    We stand with feet planted firmly on rich soil knowing what freedom is. Because of our veterans, I am free to honor God and country without persecution. Where there is injustice, I am free to fight. Where there is silence, I am free to speak. Where there is hate, I am free to love.

    Your love one’s watch is over, may they rest peacefully in the arms of God.

    Bruce Berg, ISC, USN (Ret)

  6. When we lose a loved one one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us.
    Our most sincere condolences to you.

  7. My wife and I offer our deepest condolences to the family of an American Hero. His service and sacrifice to our country to preserve our freedom is not and will not be forgotten. I wish him Fair Winds and Following Seas. Your mission here is completed. Rest in peace, we have the watch!

    Joseph “Mustang” Bilodeau
    LCDR USN (Ret)

  8. Norbert Eugene Anderson was my cousin. He was eight years older than me. I was one of only a couple of girls in this big family of boys. Nearly all of the boys served in the armed forces. We lost our cousin, 2nd Lt. Larry Petett in Vietnam in 1968. Eugene escorted Larry’s body home. An experience he always held close to his heart. Having no siblings and the baby of the family, I adored and idolized all of them for my personal heroes. Although because of health reason, we seldom saw each other in person, we stayed in weekly contact with the phone and internet. Although most of our family has passed, the very few left thank you for your service to Eugene at his funeral. It was a beautiful, simple service. . .just exactly what he would have wanted. I cannot begin to tell you the impression on an old woman’s broken heart you made. What a gift you give to the families you serve. Thank you.

  9. Norbert Eugene Anderson was my cousin. We came from a large family of cousins who were very close. We lost our cousin, 2nd Lt. Larry Petett in Vietnam in 1968. Eugene was given the honor of escorting Larry ‘s body home. I was the youngest and a girl who idolized all these boy cousins. They were my heroes. While Eugene and I did not see each other as often as we would like, we stayed in touch weekly by phone and internet. I want to give my deepest thanks to the beautiful service given to him. It was simple and meaningful. Just exactly what Eugene would have wanted. What a wonderful continuation to serve military families you deliver. Again, thank you so very much.

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