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//STAND DOWN// – NAS Rock & Fly Marathon & Remembrance

HOTH Mission
NAS Rock & Fly Marathon & Remembrance
Pensacola, Florida – 03-21-20

The Patriot Guard will escort this year’s Rock & Fly 13-mile marathon onboard NAS Pensacola whereby the memory of the three victims of the recent terrorist attack will be honored. We will be leading the marathoners along with a side by side cage leading the 5 milers. Our speed will be approximately 10 miles per hour and anticipated total time will be 90 to 120 minutes. We have also been invited to participate in the post event activities; food, drink and entertainment.

Staging Time: 05:30 am

805 N Navy Blvd
Pensacola, Florida

Ride Captain:

Cam “Chief” Hatton
(503) 706-6930

Special Instructions:

NAS requires long sleeve shirts and trousers, long fingered gloves, DOT approved helmets, leather footwear covering the ankles and proper eye protection while riding on the base.
6:00 am – Safety briefing for all riders
6:15 am – KSU to The Coffee Bean, 123 Fred Bauer Road, aboard NAS
7:00 am – KSU for Marathon Start
Flags & Water:
Flags will not be provided
If you have large bike flags, please bring them
Water will be provided

Submitted By: Ray Doyle
Position: Florida Assistant State Captain

Note: You do not have to own/ride a motorcycle or be a veteran to join, and membership is Free. The only requirement is RESPECT! To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Members tab at the top. Select the Subscribe to PGR Missions option.