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HOTH Mission
Freedom Ride 2019 with LTC Allen West (Ret)

Lawton, Oklahoma – 03-16-19


Freedom Ride 2019 with LTC Allen West (Ret) is coming to Fort Sill, Oklahoma on Saturday 16 March 2019. The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to join in this ride as Mr. West rides from Dallas, TX. to Fort Sill for a speaking engagement at the Field Artillery Museum of The Southwest. This ride is free and open to all. We will stage at the Visitor Control Center (VCC) T6701 NW Sheridan Road. This is the metal building just outside the gate on the East side of the road. Anyone needing a pass can get can at this time, be sure to bring your drivers license even if you are a passenger. Riding Gear required on Ft. Sill is as follows: Full Finger Gloves, Over The Ankle Footwear, Helmet and Eye Protection, Long sleeve Shirt or Jacket, Long Pants. NOTE: THE REFLECTIVE VEST IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. Once Mr. West and the other riders arrive at the VCC the riders who need one will attain their passes, this should not take long as most who need a pass have already filled out the form and mailed it to the VCC. Once the passes are in hand we will ride across Fort Sill to the museum as a group. As of this date almost 100 riders have signed up to ride the full distance. Law Enforcement Escort onto Ft. Sill has been requested. After Mr. West finishes speaking there will be some time to take in the museum and outdoor displays. At appox. 2:00pm the riders will ride to McKenzie’s Old Fashion Burger Garage in Lawton for lunch and fellowship. After lunch the Comanche County Sheriffs Office will escort us to the groups next fuel stop at the Alon Gas Station, 14902 SE Lee Blvd (HWY 7), Lawton, OK. At this point the local part of this ride will be complete, however those who wish to continue on to Duncan or other areas along the return route may do so. Hope you can join us on this ride with Allen West. It promises to be a great time with some proud Americans!

Staging Time: 12:00 PM

Visitor Control Center (metal bldg East side of road just outside gate)
T6701 NW Sheridan Rd.
Lawton , Oklahoma 73505

Ride Captain:

Billy (5 Dollar) Hope
(580) 585-0747
“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”

Special Instructions:

Briefing: 12:10
Arrival of Allen West and other Riders: 12:15
(Getting passes should take no more than 30 mins.)
KSU: 12:45
Ride to museum. Speaker, Mr. Allen West
Depart for Lunch: 2:00 to McKenzie’s Burger Garage, 206 Dearborn, Lawton, Ok.
Depart for last local stop: 3:30
Ride to: Alon Gas Station, 14902 SE Lee Blvd (HWY 7)Lawton, OK.
Flags & Water:
Flags will not be provided
If you have large bike flags, please bring them.
Water will be provided.

Submitted By: Billy Hope
Position: Oklahoma Assistant State Captain

Note: You do not have to own/ride a motorcycle or be a veteran to join, and membership is Free. The only requirement is RESPECT! To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Members tab at the top. Select the Subscribe to PGR Missions option.
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March 16
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Freedom Ride 2019 with LTC Allen West (Ret) Comment

  1. AAR-HOTH-16 Mar 2019 – Freedom Ride 2019 with LTC (ret) Allen West-Lawton/Ft. Sill, Ok.

    On a beautiful morning in SW Oklahoma three Patriot Guard Riders staged at the Dollar General in Geronimo, Ok. They were there to lead Freedom Ride 2019 with LTC (Ret) Allen West. We had been asked to stage here by the organizers and lead all the riders through the new construction at the I-44/Rogers Lane interchange. The new interchange can be a bit confusing when coming up I-44 from the south and needing to turn West on Rogers Lane so we were glad to add a little to our planned ride.

    When the riders were about 15 minutes out I received a call from a North Texas PGR member letting me know their location and that there were 60 motorcycles in the group. I then called our RC staged at the Visitors Control Center (VCC) so he could inform the VCC Staff and the Military Police who had agreed to give us a police escort if units were available.

    As the riders appeared in the distance we pulled out and in a short time the group had caught up to us and we proceeded back onto I-44 and to and through the I-44/Rogers Lane interchange then proceeded to the VCC. Before our arrival the military police had unlocked and opened the gate next to the VCC that had once led into the long ago demolished Artillery Village which allowed us to pull though and make a long U-turn and line up behind two of the four military police cars. At the VCC we were joined by three other PGR members – two were out of central, it was great to see them! All the gate passes were given to me and I gave them to the officer in the lead car and we were off.

    As we arrived at the check point all the passes were handed over to the MP at the gate and we were escorted through and on our way to the Field Artillery Museum. It was quite a sight as the MP’s leaped frogged around us with lights flashing, sirens blazing and got us though each intersection and to the museum without incident.

    After we dismounted at the museum LTC West stated, “It was just too nice of a day to speak inside” and gathered everyone in front of the museum and began a short speech. He spoke about the values instilled in him by his father and his own time here on Ft. Sill as a young Army Officer..

    Afterwards we were given a guided tour of a new wing of the museum that was behind locked doors and still under construction. Most of this new section would be devoted to the Vietnam War and those who served there. When finished the wing will include a small rendition of a fire base, several vehicles, guns, uniforms and eventually a cobra helicopter. After our tour the doors were locked and we were free to tour the rest of the museum.

    At the appointed time we all saddled up and rode to McKenzie’s Burger Garage for lunch. This was a great time to visit and take a few pictures. After lunch the riders were escorted by a member of the Comanche County Sherriff’s Office through Lawton and out HWY 7 to the last gas stop for the riders as they returned to Dallas. This was where the Oklahoma PGR part of the ride officially ended. There were goodbyes and handshakes all around and then LTC West lead the riders on the way back to Dallas.

    I would like to thank everyone who came out for the ride, the organizers for inviting the Oklahoma PGR, the staff at the Field Artillery Museum, Les McKenzie who all but closed his restaurant to ensure we had room and his help in securing our escort by the S.O. But mostly I want to thank LTC Allen West for his impressive service to this country, It was a pleasure meeting him and members of his family.

    If you ever get the chance to met LTC West and hear him speak, I highly recommend it!

    Billy (5 Dollar) Hope

    “Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”

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