Dressing for Missions

Dressing for Missions

A common question asked is about vests, back patches and what to wear to a mission.

In attending a...

How do I leave condolence messages

We use the "comment" feature built in to WordPress for condolence messages. At the bottom of each mission listing, there is an option to leave a reply. If you are logged in, the prompt will show...

Why can’t I find any PGR items in the PGR store?

Sales of PGR logo gear are restricted to PGR members. There are a few non-logo items available to the general public accessing the store directly, but PGR members should access the store by first...

One Requirement

Just a Note

But an Important One

We only have one requirement in our organization – Respect. It doesn’t say respect for a veteran or respect for an active duty military hero or respect...

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