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    Shane 'Desert Doc' Leiser

    Shane 'Desert Doc' Leiser
    I come from a long line of military service. All my uncles, my father, brother, brothers-in-law are all retired from one branch of the military or another. I was an Independent Duty Medic (IDMT) in the Air Force (1983-2003). Only three assignments in 20 years: Fairchild AFB, Washington (Hospital ER for a few years, then transferred to the USAF Survival School), Medical Aid Station at Volkel AB, The Netherlands, and finished my career at Nellis AFB, Nevada (NCOIC of the Family Practice Clinic and then, the Emergency Department). My Air Force career took me to Grenada, Kuwait, Iraq, Korea, Bosnia, all over Europe, and more (total of 38 countries), all of which convinced me that we are blessed to call this great nation our home.

    Retired from the Air Force in Oct 2003, the last six months of which was spent involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom (participated in some things not so good, but was involved in some good things as well).

    After retiring from the Air Force, we built a home on 10 acres, and busy getting back to my roots (ranching) and learning about breeding Australian Cattle Dogs (red and blue heelers). Twelve years after retiring, and missing the camaraderie of the military, I took a job as a contract employee at the Mountain Home AFB hospital, 100 miles from home. Worked through two contracts and then took employment on the medical staff at a Maximum Security Institution and at a nearby programming facility. Here in the local area during my four-day work week and go home on my days off. (We will be empty nesters in a few months, and will be moving to Boise, closer to work.)

    Got involved in PGR in the fall of 2006; has been therapeutic for me after coming home from the desert..... and I have come to cherish the relationships I have with the Gold Star families I have been privileged to be associated with as well as the patriots who support them. Honored to be a part of this organization, where I can hopefully give back some of what I have been richly blessed with.

    Linda and I have five sons and two daughters, four handsome grandsons, and five beautiful granddaughters. They are my favorite people!!

    If you find yourselves in southern Idaho, look us up.....