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    Brenda 'Saint Bren' Rowell

    Brenda 'Saint Bren' Rowell

    In July of 2012 I learned of the PGR's love first hand. My ex (my oldest child's biological father) was killed in a humanitarian mission accident in Guatemala while he was serving with the National Guard. We were living in Texas and made the trip back to Saint Louis where he was laid to rest. There were so many Patriot Guard Riders lining the streets, the funeral home and at the cemetery. The flags and the people were simply amazing. My next encounter was while I was with Marine Moms honoring the life of a young Marine that was killed in an accident right before him and his Marine wife were about to deploy. We were in East Texas and stood a flag line with them. They helped us understand what the PGR was all about and I was hooked. We honored that Marine, with many tears and our hearts broken, yet swollen with pride for the Patriots all around this family. After that my husband and I became members of the Patriot Guard Riders and have been a part of the PGR family since. To stand tall and silent for those that signed a blank check is an honor, especially for someone who has not served.

    I am a wife of almost 20 years and a mother of 4. I am the granddaughter of a Naval officer, a daughter of an Army veteran, and currently a sister to an Army Staff Sergeant, and a mom to a Marine. Among many many other family members that have served or are currently serving. Our oldest son is a Marine, currently serving our great country. Our older daughter is going to college to become a Nurse Practitioner and working her way through. Our other daughter is a junior in high school with aspirations of becoming a missionary or joining the medical field, or both. She can’t decide yet. Our youngest son is a freshman in high school and is thinking of becoming a Fireman but still not sure what he wants to do. All 4 of our children have stood a flag line at some point. My husband is in the IT world and is an amazing supporter of our family and what we do. He is also a part of the PGR but doesn’t make it to as many missions as I do because of work but does run the North Texas website and helps build the day to day missions.

    I am all about “Semper Gumby” and giving my input on ways to help grow the Patriot Guard Riders. I embrace all of the different groups of people we have volunteering within our organization and love to point out that I am the one that breaks the stereotype. I do not have a bike and I am not a Veteran, yet believe in all that we do and stand for. I am from the Saint Louis, Missouri area but Texas is home. I am very honored to be a part of such a great organization!