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    Vice President of Captains

    Randy 'Steam' Stevens

    Randy Stevens Bio:
    I am not a Veteran. I never served my country in a military uniform. But, I’ve always been a Patriot and felt I owed a huge debt to those who did serve.

    In late December 2005 I learned of an organization called the Patriot Guard Riders. These Patriots traveled all over to bring comfort and show honor at military funerals. They also shielded grieving families from further emotional torment. I joined right away.

    A few months later, our State Captain sent an email asking if anyone would like to serve as a Ride Captain. I replied with a question…..”What doe a Ride Captain do?” The next day I found out I was a Ride Captain. Then, just a few weeks later (MAR 06) I became the reluctant State Captain in South Carolina.

    Since then I have served as Regional Captain (Capitol), National Communications Officer (twice, so far) and on the Board in 2007 and 2008 as Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President for Members. I was elected to the Board again and assigned my current position again in November, 2013. I also serve as a Senior Ride Captain for the SCPGR. I’m making installment payments on that debt I owe.

    I attended Lander University (then Lander College) and have worked as a medic, an insurance agent and my current job in radio. I produce a morning news show and then host a daily talk show on a small AM station.

    I live near the tiny town of Whitmire SC with my wife, Melissa, two dogs, one cat and one Stepson.