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    Vice President of Captains

    Bob Dorey

    Bob Dorey Bio:

    I was born & raised in upstate NY (Lake George area), joined the US Navy under the delayed entry program (was the first in my family to serve) and shipped off to boot camp upon graduation from High School. Other than boot, 'A' & 'C' schools my entire enlistment was spent in Iceland. I had the privilege to serve from 1977 to 1981 and was selected as the COMNAVAIRLANT Sailor of the Year in 1981. Iíve resided in NH for the past 30 years and also had the pleasure to reside in Maine, Ohio & Texas.

    I joined the PGR in April of 2010, since joining the PGR I have enjoyed the distinct privilege of standing and riding shoulder to shoulder with the most AWESOME Patriots who comprise the PGRís membership. In brief Iíve been blessed to find a 'home' with brothers and sisters who possess a burning passion for displaying Honor, Respect and support of our nations Heroes. Iím a firm believer in the Chain of Command (CoC) and subscribe to the thought process that decisions and challenge resolution should occur at the lowest possible level within the CoC.

    Iíve owned and operated a couple of small businesses for the past 30 plus years, sold the last business in 2013, took some time off and decided retirement wasnít for me. Joined my present employer a Fortune 200 company in 2014 as their New England Fleet Manager, my work history has been in the trucking industry. On the personal side Iím blessed to have the BEST life partner, Lauri, anyone could desire. Sheís not only supportive of myself and the mission of the PGR she is also an active participant in missions. I have one son whom Iím immeasurably proud of (also a PGR member), he currently serves as a 1LT with the Vermont Army National Guard. We live in Goffstown NH and in addition to the time we gratefully dedicate to the PGR we enjoy riding, kayaking, skiing, ATVing and most anything outdoors and adventurous.