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New Mission Submission Form

Update— as of the evening of March 22, 2022 the “New Mission Submission Form” is now the main form we are using to submit. When you choose Mission Submission Form you will be using the new one.

If there are problems the Old form is still there and, for now, can be used. In the next week or two we expect to disable that so we urge mission submitters to use and get used to the new form.

We are now testing the new mission submission form. This only applies to those in leadership roles that submit missions. We’ve added a menu item to test the new mission submission form. This form, and the original form, will both work (for those that are authorized to submit missions). This will allow submitters to try the new form, and then switch back to the original if they encounter problems.

Please note, this form should only be used by those authorized by their State Captain to submit missions. Having access to the form does not mean that you are authorized to submit missions. If you are unsure of your status, please check with your state leadership.

For those interested, this form will replace the existing submission form because the system we use for the existing forms (Caldera Forms) is being discontinued. The new form uses Formidable Forms, and allows us additional flexibility.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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