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Web Maintenance – 8/12/21 10:00pm CDT

Our website will be down for maintenance on Thursday, 8/12/21 beginning at 10:00pm CDT, and extending to as late as 2:00am CDT 8/13/21.

We are making a change to a newer version of the PHP scripting engine, which will also require a change in the theme we use. The “look and feel” of the site will remain much the same (though hopefully faster, with some minor improvements on appearance), but the back end theme will be different, allowing us to more easily make changes, and to eliminate several plugins that affect system performance.

While we will be implementing a system that will block most users and present them with a “Down for maintenance” message, some users may still be able to access the site. Please note, those users will almost certainly be affected by various issues such as appearance, access to certain features and pages, etc; as we make changes on the back end. The bottom line is that it is best that you do not try to use the site until at least 12:00 am Friday, 8/13/21.

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