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Patriot Guard Riders Email Migration

In the next few weeks, the Patriot Guard Riders will migrate from our managed email system to Google’s GSuite. This migration will affect the email, provide us additional tools to manage our system, and make the administration of our system easier to manage and share among volunteers.

If you have an existing email account on the system, such as <username>@patriotguard.org you will be receiving an emails with additional instructions as we move through the process.

We will be providing more information to state leadership as we progress through this migration. This move is going to provide some great tools to further manage our system and communicate with each other and those families that we honor.


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I first saw information about the Patriot Guard Riders in mid-2006. I was without a bike at the time, but I made a promise to myself that as soon as I got another I'd be riding with them. Had I realized no bike was needed, I probably would have joined immediately. The "new to me" 'Wing was purchased in January 2007, and I rode my first mission a week later. I remember riding to the mission on a frozen January morning thinking "this day will change my life". It has.

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