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Why Condolences

Why Condolences?

Why do we have a link to the national condolence page and why do we write a condolence to the families?.

Like many others, I knew that families like to know that someone cares about their love one.  Someone, a stranger, takes their time and writes a note to let them know there are people out in the world that care about their loved one and what they have done for their country.

I have written many condolences over the year and then just moved on with my life.  I never really gave it a second thought as to who would read my words.

At the end of my condolences I add that I ride to honor a fellow Marine.  This man and I were together for 6 months in Vietnam.  We were the only NCOs in our section.  We worked together, played together, where you saw one you saw the other, we were brothers.  One day he told me that he would be gone for about a month as a gunner on the CH46 helicopter.  He moved across the base the next day and that was the last I saw him.  His chopper went down near Danang with only one survivor, the crew chief.

A couple of days ago I received a request, passed through PGR National, that I contact a woman in Connecticut.  This lady turned out to be the niece of my friend and possibly his last living relative. She was 6 years old when he died but his memory was instilled in her by her mother, my friend’s sister.  She did a google search for her uncle and she found a mission that I had added a condolence.

Since then we have been in contact and I have been able to pass on a little information about her uncle and some stories about us in Nam.

So, why do we have that link?  Why do we write that condolence?  We do it because we care.  We never know who will be reading it and what impact it could have on them OR ON US!!!

Ted Waldron Jr.
Ride Captain
North Texas PGR

Note – to post condolence messages, leave them as a comment at the bottom of any mission announcement. These messages mean a lot to the families involved.

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