1. Hi James,

    I’m an Assistant State Captain for PGR in Arizona. There’s a guy named Dave, who I think is from South Dakota, that has attended missions in AZ with us. I’m trying to locate him, but I can’t remember his last name. If you know who he could be, I’d appreciate any help in tracking him down.

    He is or was a Ride Captain.

    Thanks and be safe!

  2. James,, my cousin passed away yesterday. Procession will meet at the Kirk Funeral home , 1051 E. Minnesota St Rapid City on Tuesday the 15th at 11:00. Riding to National Cemetery for full honors!
    I’d appreciate greatly a flag line from the PGR. Ken was retired USAF and a very proud Veteran!
    Thx for any support you can muster up!
    Randy SAA 46-1 Montana!
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2018 Testimonials

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